Hands down... Dr. Maureen Hughes is the best yoga instructor around. She is smart, disciplined in her approach, and provides very precise instruction. While I have only worked with Maureen for a few months, I have seen remarkable improvement in strength, balance, fitness, and overall well-being. I recommend Maureen to anyone who is serious [about] gaining the mental and physical benefits of yoga!”

- Laura S., St. Louis, MO

”It is a real privilege to have Maureen as my yoga instructor. She is very good at reading my body and understanding what it is capable of as respects to flexibility.
She possesses a very strong knowledge of the muscle groups as there are many ‘small muscles’ involved in the art. As a result, I feel very safe under her instruction. In the early stages, we worked quite a bit in improving my flexibility and as that developed; we have worked further on the poses and the progress can be felt.
The other point I would like to make is that Maureen is genuine. Yoga exercises are the physical manifestation of a philosophy and way of life that she has taken to heart and shares with her pupils. Our sessions are a highlight of my week.”

- Dave L., St. Louis, MO. Has been taking private yoga sessions for over two years.

”Maureen is the absolute best. She really understands the benefits of yoga and the impact on the body. I have learned more from her in 4 months than I have in 10 years of yoga with other instructors! Her instructions are very clear and the classes are engaging and always filled with different aspects of yoga.”
— Debbie B., St. Louis, MO.

Experience a Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Maureen in private sessions, group classes, and/or private small group classes. 
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Hatha Yoga implies the use of active movements, also known as asanas, to attain awareness and control of the body. The benefits are numerous, and include an enhanced sense of well-being, greater flexibility and range of motion, more physical stamina, less pain, and a sense of being connected with Self and others.

Restorative Yoga is a restful, relaxing yoga where passive stretching is used to calm the mind to integrate with the body.  This involves usually sitting or laying down in numerous positions supported by bolsters, blankets, and more. Sometimes weights are used to help the client feel grounded.  The goal is to slow down the mind along with the body.  Benefits are similar to the more active Hatha Yoga.

Yoga, is a way of being in the world, a practice of life based in ancient philosophy more than 5000 years old. The goal is the unity, or integration of the mind, body, and spirit.  One does not NEED to believe in having a “spirit” for yoga to do its work.  Over time and practice, yoga helps the practitioner to experience inner peace by learning a new level of discipline, a new control of the body and mind, all while using a system of ancient exercises for mental and physical health. Many doctors and scientists agree that thousands of people have benefited from yoga and it was possible to cure many of the non-curable diseases with the help of yoga.  This includes diseases like heart problems, thyroid and back ache, hypertension, diabetes and more.  Right now, there are over 8 million yoga practitioners in the US.  Obviously people think it is a great thing to do for their body, mind, and spirit! 

Words are not enough to define the strength of yoga.  
Only through its practice can you experience its effects.

Maureen starting doing yoga in 1999 while training at Washington University in St. Louis where she obtained her PhD in Immunology.  She obtained her Yoga Alliance 200hr certification in 2005.  Her knowledge of anatomy as only grown due to her hundreds of hours of yoga practice and almost 1500hrs of documented hands on training in SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and modern massage therapy modalities including Myofascial Release.  She inspires other to help heal themselves, and release their suffering, by working with their body.

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