Client Testimonials:

When I began Maureen’s SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage 7-day protocol I didn’t completely know what to expect. In the end it was far more comprehensive than I could have possibly have imagined. Maureen took ample time to learn about me and assess my physical condition prior to starting the massage. Then we began…
I was totally impressed by her strength and the intelligence in which the movements/the therapies were executed. She transitioned so fluidly, so smoothly through the positions that before I knew it she had me stretched and coaxed into poses I had no idea I could achieve!
She is respectful to the ancient traditions and therapy she practices which became apparent as I observed the level of caring and commitment she invested in the process. When you are on her mat she is completely focused upon you and the improvement of your health and well-being (physically, mentally and spiritually).
A good part of the protocol was also spent discussing nutritional issues and providing thoughts and ideas about different ways to make improvements. I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge that she possesses. Her formal education combined with the study of the SomaVeda Methods and varied life experiences, serve her well. I felt grateful to be the recipient of her wisdom.
As a result of the 7-day protocol I feel rejuvenated. I actually can’t remember the last time my body felt so good. I feel so relaxed and loose and flexible. It has also had a mutually beneficial impact upon my mental state. I feel clearer and my focus has improved. I feel inspired by this journey I have taken with Maureen and feel motivated to continue on the path to a more healthful life.
So, I would highly recommend the 7-day protocol with Dr. Maureen Hughes, if you are feeling like you need a “reset,” something to propel to the next level, or just simply a better version of you. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out and I am grateful that I was able to spend this time with her, as I feel I have benefited greatly.
— D.S.L – 50 YO Male with Anxiety
Maureen, thank for the introduction into SomaVeda Thai Yoga today. I have not felt this good in a very long time. You found and corrected the many areas giving me a problem. I am convinced after just one session of the benefits of your therapy. Overall I am feeling very well and the stiffness/trouble moving is greatly improved. Even my attitude and mood is lifted and I am feeling more peaceful. I look forward to talking with you more about different services you provide. You are a blessing and I am thankful to have discovered you and the yoga classes too!
— D. S. B. -- 62 YO Male, STL, MO
When I met Maureen I was ready for a Healer; I was ready to be healed. I was not ready for all the ways Maureen was ready to activate my own healing abilities.
Her SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage 7 day protocol cleared the cobwebs out of my body and soul.
I was astounded by all the ways I got healed. My spirit is renewed, vibrant.
Friends immediately noticed, asking me what I was up to.
I told them: Google Total Harmony.
Maureen understood and addressed my challenges on every level: physical, spiritual, and mental.
Those struggles that did not disappear outright were hugely diminished.
I could clearly see what I needed to do to keep the process going after the 7 days.
Maureen knows how to move energy, how to release all the ways we can get stuck, and she does it with complete confidence, leaving me without soreness, without dizziness, feeling weightless, feeling ease instead of disease.
After working with Maureen I feel activated, loving, accepting, calm, strong.
Everything is easier, from Qigong to cleaning house to relaxing.
She healed injuries I had not even mentioned or thought about in years, like an old soreness in my neck from whiplash 20 years ago.
She accelerated healing in areas I was painfully aware of, like muscle tightness and scarring from cancer treatment two years ago.
Maureen inspired me to make changes I had long intended to make but just a few words from her gave me the encouragement and understanding to make the changes happen.
She got me back into yoga which I would not have guessed could happen so soon or so totally.
Most significantly Maureen gave me hope that everything I want my body to do can still happen, beyond my wildest dreams.
— B.C., age 57 -- Three year Cancer Survivor
I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Maureen on 2 separate occasions. One, to have a Thai Yoga Massage and the other for her muscle testing and tapping (Emotional Freedom) techniques. BOTH experiences were one-of-a-kind and VERY appreciated and appropriate timing for me and my life circumstances at the time.

The massage was unreal! It was evident RIGHT away how practiced and confident Maureen was in her art of Thai Massage. She is strong, yet gentle. EVERY ache, dull pain or kink you have, you will leave feeling as though it was never there! Simply put, you will want MORE from her immediately. She is a kind, caring and personable woman yet maintains a very professional demeanor which makes you feel comforted as soon as your session begins. I have been massaged before where I didn’t feel fully comfortable until the massage was over! She is SO knowledgeable about the human body, you can trust that there IS a way she can “work on it” to help you overcome whatever ails you.

I then worked with her last year using her muscle testing and tapping techniques. One of the wonderful things about Maureen is that she understands how much our bodies really speak TO us. And she also understands how to LISTEN to our bodies. The session with her was definitely unique and unlike anything I’d ever done before, BUT with her help she helped me locate some food sensitivities I had been struggling with and those, have since, cleared. I am avoiding foods in which she helped me discover were causing problems, mainly with my “guts” and now, I feel I can live a fairly “normal” life.

She is an, all around, great person whom I highly recommend for her services. She’s in tune to her practice or “art” and is just getting better and better each day. You are in good hands with her, I can’t say enough nice things about the gal. Enjoy!
— Kirsten Caywood, St. Louis, MO
I see Maureen for massage and Thai Yoga sessions and she is absolutely amazing. She has a genuine goal of healing her clients and the integrated approach she takes to our sessions make her one of the best healing practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Through the work we’ve done together she has helped me to start working out knots and energy blockages that have been causing me pain and general discomfort for approximately 15 years. She not only does the physical work, but also helps me to understand the underlying causes of my pain so that I am empowered to heal myself.

Maureen’s work is truly a gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Kristen Lux, Saint Louis, MO
It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Maureen Hughes. As I am coming to the end of a forty year career in State Mental Health/Correctional Services and wanting to transition to Spiritual/Psychic Energy Healing — Dr. Hughes has been an excellent fit for me into this transition. In the three months that I was a client of Dr. Hughes, I have gotten into better physical health (lost 20 pounds) and I have gained a lot related to self-understanding/exploration into my mental/physical/spiritual well being. Areas we have discussed and she has demonstrated in her therapy have included (but not limited to) Ayurveda, SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Accupressure, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping - EFT), and especially Reiki. Underlying all her incredible spiritual expertise is her background in human biology, PhD in Immunology and anatomy as well as her being a licensed massage therapist and certified Yoga Instructor. There was also discussion about Native American Spiritual Traditions. I have found Dr. Hughes to be a highly professional, competent, and knowledgeable spiritual energy healer. Most important of all is that she demonstrated an authentic concern for me as her client and I hope she sees me (as I see her) as a very good friend! I give her my Highest Recommendation!!!
— Jim Belman PsyD
This past winter, I had the luxury of receiving Maureen’s now infamous “7 day protocol”. It really could not have come at a better time. So thankful that I was able to receive this TLC and I would highly recommend her!
Maureen’s attention to detail in her Thai massage is impeccable. She listens to her client’s needs and issues. Also, addressing any ailments, injuries or trouble areas with the utmost care and concern.
Let me preface this with saying, this is NOT a garden variety table massage. While I do love table massage, this was a different experience, but I loved it. You don’t have to take off any clothes, so for those that always feel funny getting undressed for a massage, this is definitely for you. It is really for every BODY. It’s a massage, it’s a good stretch, it’s healing and it’s body/mind/soul therapy. Not only that but you will learn a lot during these sessions about where you hold tension both physically and emotionally too! It’s all connected.
At the beginning of the protocol, I felt physical and emotional turmoil but by the end of my sessions I felt a lot more relaxed, calm and happy in my skin as if a great weight had been lifted and some light shed in some areas that otherwise would still remain dark. It was an amazing and loving experience that I would recommend for everybody! My favorite parts were the meridians up and down the legs and the hip/gluteal work. Of course being a dancer that’s where I need the most attention!
— Ami Amore, Bellydance and Yoga Instructor
I would recommend Maureen and the SomaVeda Protocol to anyone wanting to make a change for the better. She stretched me both physically and emotionally. As a result I feel happier and more grounded. My health has returned.
— Donna S. -- St. Louis, MO