Payment and Cancellation Policies
(Policies may be updated without warning 12/8/2017):

Thank you for booking your Discovery Session or Protocol with me! After your Discovery Session, you continue with the Protocol. After the Protocol, you can book individual sessions at regular rate, or receive Protocol rate with freedom of use. First, the good stuff!

Earn Rewards through Referrals:

Thank you for your referral in advance, referrals are sincerely appreciated! 

You can earn and bank referral rewards towards for the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Protocol, coursework, or post-protocol follow-up single Thai Yoga Sessions, Hatha Yoga Private Sessions, Muscle Testing, EFT Private Sessions, Reiki, and more by referring others. 

If your referral purchases a Therapeutic Day Program, you will earn 7% of the cost of their commitment.  For example if your referral purchases a $1000 package, you earn $70 of credit. This is for brand new client referrals only (ie, not returning clients). If you refer someone to my Thai Yoga training course, you will receive $30 in credit.

Rewards can be accumulated but must be redeemed within 6 (six) months.  Maximum redemption is $250 for Protocol or $500 for coursework at any one time.  

No cash can or will be refunded with rewards.  Rewards will be forfeited if not used within six months.

Cancellation Policy:

Sometimes emergencies happen! It's life. This is a reasonable policy when it comes to emergencies... keep reading. Let me know if you think it would be better to have a video!

Once we agree upon your personalized session pricing, individual or packages, pre-payment is required. You can either pay in advance in one payment (cash (usually with a discount), PayPal, or credit card with a 4% upcharge), or you can pay in installments with an additional 15% interest charge, and all liabilities must be paid for in full by the 3rd Session. Certain VERY WELL TRUSTED clients can pay by check. Pre-payment may include discounted rates. And... there are NO REFUNDS.

For Discovery Sessions: For ANY reason, if you are a no-show, are more than 15 minutes late, or cancel within the 24hr time period, I charge full session rate (I'm pretty good at math, I do have a PhD), whether you rebook or not. You will be invoiced via PayPal in such cases unless other arrangements are made for payment. If you do not pay the invoice you will not be accepted for further treatment. This includes the first session.

For those in the Program: if you miss an appointment without explanation (no phone call/warning/etc), the session is lost. Full charges incur for cancellations within 24 hours unless it is a true emergency (hospitalization, car accident, serious child emergency). Work emergencies DO NOT COUNT. Your health is more important than work, whether you believe it or not yet... and honestly that's probably how you got here in the first place. If you have not pre-paid, you will be invoiced via PayPal unless other arrangements are made. I repeat, if you do not pay the invoice, you will not be accepted for further treatment.

If you email me and tell me after your get your email about our appointment (usually 36 hrs in advance) and you tell me you don't have the money, after the first infraction/cancellation I will ask that you pre-pay for your future sessions. I'll still take you as a client, but some people are chronic at cancellations so I will categorize you as such until you prove me otherwise. Please respect my time and I will respect your time. It is challenging to fill spots with 36 hrs notice, let alone 24 hrs notice due to the business of the office. Until that changes, this is the policy.

In the unlikely circumstances that I have to cancel the appointment due to my own personal illness/injury, you will not have to pay for the missed appointment, and we will schedule a make-up appointment as soon as possible. However, all statements apply above to the make-up appointment.

If you have paid for a Protocol, your funds can be used for up to 6 months from date of purchase. For example: you have a serious emergency which means you need surgery. I will hold your funds until you are released from your medical doctor. You then have 6 months to use your Protocol. Another example: You move out of town because your husband/wife got a new job and you obviously have to move with him/her. You can sell or gift your Protocol to someone else.

In the case that I become incapacitated/disabled there are NO REFUNDS; however, I will notify you when I become active again so we can take care of business. When I become active again you will be notified and you will have 6 (six) months to use your credit. I will always notify you if there is a vacation or workshop I must attend to out of town, and schedules will be adjusted as necessary.

Coursework Cancellation:

There are NO REFUNDS on deposits for SomaVeda® Thai Yoga classes or coursework. If there is a severe emergency, illness, hospitalization, etc. your funds can be transferred one time to the next available class. If you cannot make the class, a $200 fee will be charged to keep the credit in good standing.

If you break any of the written or unwritten rules regarding ethics, protocol, and behavior during class you will be warned. If you receive one verbal warning and one written warning, but then keep breaking the rules, then you will be dismissed from class without reason or refund (and no certificate).

This includes the following:
1) Blatant disrespect of Khruu Dr. Maureen Hughes (myself), another Khruu (teacher, if present), or another student, including comments about body parts, or any perceived disability. We have a diverse audience that comes to class because they want to learn. No abuse or perceived abuse is tolerated.
2) Using alcohol, or any illegal drugs during class time. Coming into class hung-over from any substance is severely frowned upon and may be grounds for dismissal. Plan accordingly. Don't do any mind-altering drugs, legal or illegal, before class time.
3) If you have a pain condition and are using prescription opiates, or are currently partaking in certain herbal supplements classified or on the edge of being classified as Schedule I by the Federal Government, you MUST inform me before class. You will likely be allowed to come into class, as long as you do not come to class under the influence. This is a need to know policy. If you hide this information from me, and I find out during class, you may be removed without refund. I fundamentally believe that addiction to psychedelics and marijuana is real, and can be overcome through the practice of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, EFT, Hatha Yoga, and meditation. 
4) If there is anything else that you can think of, let me know, OK?


SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Integrative Therapies and all other therapies, treatments, or exercise based activities offered through Total Harmony Integrated Wellness with NAIC Full Ordained Minister and Advanced Practitioner Dr. Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT, CATP, CTT at any location and should not be used in lieu of visits with medical doctors, if there are serious conditions implicated. It is strongly recommended a client notify their medical doctor that they are planning to undergo treatment with Dr. Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT.  Dr. Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT has the right to refuse treatment to a client if they are presenting with contagious illness, severe contusions, broken bones or are in any other need of immediate attention of medical professionals including ER visits. If massive injury has occurred and the client has pre-paid for visits, their credit will stay in good standing for 6 months from date of acute illness or medical referral or can be sold/transferred as long as person receiving the transferred credit agrees to NAIC membership. 

Dr. Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT also has the right to dismiss clients and refuse treatment of clients that behave inappropriately, in any way, without refund. There is a no abuse policy. Otherwise, NO REFUNDS.  Payment is expected before or at the time of service unless other terms have been pre-determined.

Namaste and much love to you and your always. 

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