Dr. Maureen Hughes offers both ancient and modern hands-on-healing modalities for the treatment of pain and dysfunction, or relaxation:

Myofascial Release Massage:

Myofascial release is soft tissue therapy for the treatment of immobility and pain. This therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.  It is a very slow, soothing form of massage that helps the layers of tissue melt away from one another.  It works on many levels, including at the level of the dermatome, which is a nerve bundle found in the skin that can cause superficial nerve pain.  This technique is regularly integrated when treating conditions like frozen shoulder.  Maureen integrates myofascial release and/or trigger point therapy into her SomaVeda® Thai Yoga sessions when painful adhesions are discovered. 

Maureen also integrates some Deep Tissue massage with Myofascial Release to create an amazing sense of "letting go".  Great for anyone who uses their muscles on a regular basis or has a lot of stress in their life.

Maureen offers an option for these modalities as part of the SomaVeda® 15-Day Program.