Join us at the Total Harmony School of SomaVeda™ Traditional and Indigenous Therapies in Saint Louis, MO to become certified as a Authorized Full SomaVeda® Practitioner (CTP-1 BASIC).

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is an exceptionally powerful method of hands-on healing — and the best part is that it is equally beneficial for the giver as it is for the receiver.
These techniques physiologically practical,
energetically and spiritually engaging. 
We “GO with the FLOW”

The Certified Thai Practitioner (CTP-1) program begins with the
17 hour/CEU Fundamentals of Thai Yoga (FTY-1) class, and this class is offered many times during the course of calendar year 2019.

Great for CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, DCs, DOs, NMDs, NDs, QiGong, TaiJi and Reiki Practitioners, Martial Artists, and more…

There is so much more to the SomaVeda™ System, including a powerful business model to help clients on a longer term basis, while also making sure that you as the Practitioner have committed clients.

There are 2 trainings planned for 2019. These trainings will likely be using both the mat and table.

Classes offer NCBTMB Continuing Education Units (Provider # 451300-10), and FSTMB credits for Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 course work.


Full Practitioner (CTP-1) 164+ hour Core Course Work Includes (see class details below):

Level 1: Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga – 17 hours  (A complete basic healing vinyasa incorporating all five body attitudes, it is an introduction to the work that is expanded upon in Level 2 and 3)
Level 2: Ayurvedic, Southern Style SomaVeda® Thai Yoga  – 64 hours (The SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Protocol: Seven unique daily sessions including all five body attitudes: Supine, Side, Prone, Abdomen and Seated applications) SomaVeda™ Level 1 is required.
Level 3: Nuad Boran Adjunct Course see below. (89 HOURS)
Level 4: SomaVeda® Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice (Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine, Ayurveda Theory, Cosmology, Sen Lines, Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory and Korosot Astrology: Level Four) – 36 hours SomaVeda Level 1 and 2 is required.
Level 5, 6: Clinical Applications and Development: Specific programs for Clients based on Ayurvedic Assessments and Guidelines.  SCNM: SomaVeda® Level Five also includes the SomaVeda® Legal Guidelines and Practices for Ministers and Healing Professionals Course work -64 hours Level 4 and 5 are taught together and there is no separate investment available.

Level 3 Adjunct Course Basic: Nuad Boran: Northern Style SomaVeda® Thai Yoga – 89 hours, 64 NCBTMB CEUs  (The Complete Northern Style Catalog of 250+ positional variations). SomaVeda® Level 1 and 2, but not Level 4 and 5, are required pre-requisites. Level 3 Basic is a required course for CTP-2, and will add significantly to your offerings as a SomaVeda Therapist long term.

What is the full financial investment?

The full tuition donation for the SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program (CTP-1) including all CORE coursework  (NOT Level 3) is $4,100.00.  Including Level 3, the course is $5,900 (not enrolling currently, possibly for Summer 2020).

If you compare to massage training (with a license), this is an incomparable asset. The single-most important difference is that you, as a SomaVeda Practitioner, can work nationally and internationally. As an LMT, you are ruled by the governing body, with severely limited stipulations on activities.

Your training fees may be tax deductible! 

Please about SCHOLARSHIPS!

Call Khruu Dr. Maureen Hughes at 314-325-9247

Classes are run in Saint Louis, MO and full certification can be obtained over the course of one to two years, but suggested to be completed in 2 years.

In early 2018, I was awarded Khruu (Teacher) of the Year 2017! What an honor!

In early 2018, I was awarded Khruu (Teacher) of the Year 2017! What an honor!

This work is about sharing with others and to cultivate within
the 4 Divine States of Being:
EQUANIMITY (Balanced Mind)

I took Maureen’s Level 1 SomaVeda class this weekend and I can’t say enough positive things about it. It’s obvious that she teaches from a place of skill and respect. Her teaching style is thorough and effective- we learned so much material in 2 days but it never felt like too much. The whole class was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to take the next one soon!
— Kristin Goodwin, LMT (MO)

Here are some images from the classes since May 2016. Click the images and they will rotate through. 

In Level One Fundamentals of SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga you will learn the critical fundamentals of body mechanics, positioning, compression, stretches, energetic, spiritual and historical background, and much more. Join us for a transformational experience learning the Fundamentals of SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga.
No Pre-Requisite classes necessary
Early Bird $375 (fully paid 2 weeks before class)
Regular $425, last minute $475
$200 Non-refundable down payment to reserve your spot up to two weeks before the course.

There is a one hour lunch and a few 15 minute breaks throughout the day.
Class runs the full time. 

Upcoming Level 1 classes
(please note there may be a location change)

December 6-8th, 2019

Investment Includes:
17 Hours hands-on, intensive training
Comprehensive cultural & historical background education
Complete SomaVeda® textbook ($25 value)
Official SomaVeda® Practitioner Certificate
Official NCBTMB Certification with 17 CEUs (for LMTs)
Authorized Participating Membership to NAIC -
Native American Indigenous Church

Specifically, You Will Learn:
19 Different Asanas aka Therapeutic Postures
Strong body mechanics, supporting practice longevity
Thai Yoga Basic theory (technical application)
Benefits & Contraindications of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga
Flow Technique to support agility and muscle memory
Cultural and historical background
Support materials and FAQ sheet post-training upon request


This immersive training and certification focuses on the dynamic flow of gentle yet highly effective movements, easily initiated through precise body mechanics. Students will learn to give a 50-minute SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Session, including supine, side lying, prone and seated positions. The focus of this training is to instill principles of full-body movement and flow through carefully refined teaching methods that have helped thousands of students learn this fantastic art. It’s a perfect addition to anyone involved in therapeutic work for mind, body and spirit connection. Students may continue to build on the training techniques over time through subsequent trainings (if desired) and individual practice sessions. 

A strong emphasis is placed on body mechanics and practicing in a sustainable way. In SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, we use our hands, feet, knees, elbows, forearms— truly the whole person— along with martial arts and yoga principles to teach students how to move in an efficient, elegant and powerful way. With strong fundamentals, SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is sustainable and beneficial for the practitioner and will provide a deeply satisfying career lasting decades and providing unlimited positive benefits.

All SomaVeda® Trainings led by Dr. Maureen Hughes are offered in compliance to NAIC. Participants are required to sign an APM (Authorized Participating Membership) waiver to join class, and to also join as an ABM (Authorized Basic Membership) after completion after the Level 2 course in order to have longer term protection. 

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is the foundation of a comprehensive system of healing, founded by Dr. Anthony B. James, Dean of the SomaVeda College of Naturopathic Medicine. Practitioners of SomaVeda® learn to facilitate a holistic, therapeutic experience for their Clients, Friends, and Family, drawing not only from Traditional Thai Yoga (Thai Medicine/Physical Therapy), but also from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Naturopathy & Emotional Freedom Technique.

We continue this practice with Ayurvedic Thai Yoga:
SomaVeda® Level 2 (64 HRs (48 CEUs for LMTs). See description below.
Class enrollment is currently closed.

Class runs Fridays 6-9pm, 9-6pm Saturdays, 9-3pm on Sundays
November 1-3rd, 2019
November 8-10th, 2019
November 15-17th, 2019
November 22-24th, 2019

Tuition Investment: $1600 (cost of books adds on $100 for a total of $1700).
Deposit is $700 to secure your spot.
Includes a 60-75 minute lunch break, and two 15 minutes breaks per day.

Payment is due one week before class to participate as class sizes are limited. Please see cancellation policies below.

Or— invest in the COMBINED Level 1 and Level 2 CLASSES Total 64 HRS
(Best Value, SAVE $300!)
Tuition Investment: $1825 Paid in full, $700 Deposit available
(includes investment for Level One)

Level 2 Book Set Covers:
1. Ayurveda Thai Yoga Workbook
2. Ayurveda of Thailand Textbook
3. What is SomaVeda Textbook
4. B.E.T. Bio Tapping Manual
5. Bonus: Vitalism Home Study Online Course (required)

Ayurvedic Thai Yoga: SomaVeda® Level 2. 

Description: Build upon the foundation set in Level 1, adding more therapeutic postures & techniques that amount up to a singular, flowing 60-150-minute session, providing more in depth application of all five attitudes (supine, side-lying, prone, second supine, seated). Also known as the Southern Style or Royal Method, a Traditional form in which we honor the most traditional 900+ year lineage of Wat Po or Wat Chetaphon based method in this course. Discussion will traverse theories of sen lines (energy lines), the 10 principle sen lines or nadis, 7 primary chakras, basic physiology & anatomy and Ayurvedic approaches as it relates to the level of Thai Yoga being taught. 51 asanas and an incredible healing modality called Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) are taught during this more advanced coursework. There is also an online Introduction to Vitality course that must be completed before a student can graduate.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. If you need to miss class that weekend (7 days or more advance notice) due to emergency, funeral, or severe illness and you have paid in full, $200 for level 1, or $600 for level 2 can be used towards training at a later date, or can be completely sold to another person. Cancellation within 7 days forfeits all funds paid. If the training is cancelled for whatever reason you will be refunded in full minus $25 processing fee. If you get ill during class or decide that you must leave for whatever reason, there will be no refunds, retraining will be full price. Use of legal or illegal intoxicants during class is prohibited and will result in being removed from class with no refund or certificate. 

QUESTIONS / REGISTRATION -, or please feel free to contact by phone: 314-325-9247.

We continue this practice with SomaVeda® Level 3
Nuad Boran: Northern Style Thai Yoga Therapy
(89 Hrs/64 CEUs for LMTs). 

Level 3 SomaVeda® Nuad Boran/Northern Style Thai Yoga continues the work begun in SomaVeda® Level One and Two. We will explore in detail the Chinese and Hill tribe influence on hands on healing with the eight basic flows of the SomaVeda® Northern method. These flows, although similar to those of the ITM and Old medicine Hospital Traditions, are taught with a manner, context, and supplemental information unique to the SomaVeda® program. This is now an adjunct course, foundational to the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training program but is no longer required for the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner certification. There are 400 variations in movement available from the Full Level 3 Northern Style Catalog, Level 3 Basic offers 250 of them. There are also numerous pertinent documentaries regarding natural healing that are shared in class, that are requirements for continuing with CTP-2 at the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine in Brooksville, FL.

Cancellation Policy: If you choose not to participate in class, no refunds of deposits or payments are possible.
Whether you have graduated from Level 1, and are about to take Level 2, or you have already graduated from Level 2, or if you have graduated from CTP-1 and want to take this course that is considered to be the encyclopedia of Thai Yoga moves to be inserted as needed for a session to treat a person more specifically, or simply lengthen a session, it is here for the taking. 
Level 2 is a pre-requisite for any Level 3 class, and this Level 3 Basic course we offer is a pre-requisite for taking CTP-2 in Florida with Aachan Dr. Anthony James.
This course offers 64 CEUs for NCBTMB for massage license renewal.

Minimum 4 students, maximum is 8. This 89 hour class is $1800 and payment plans are available, please just connect with me. All fees must be paid in full by one week before the beginning of class. Deposit of $500 is required by 1/24/2019 for class starting April 2020. Full refunds of payments remitted minus $25 processing fee will be offered if I do not find a minimum 4 students to participate and class is cancelled.

Class will begin in April 2020, and be carried out on Saturdays and Sundays, approximately 10-12 active hours/weekend for 8-9 weekends. Schedule TBA.

Complete the CTP-1 Program with the Advanced Levels (90 hrs)

Next Level 4/5/6 starts January 2020 and completes in May over the course of 6 weekends with up to two weekends for possible make-up (weather, etc).
Class runs Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 9-3pm.

60-75 minutes for lunch on Saturday, 60-75 minutes for lunch on Sunday, and several 10-15 minute breaks.

We complete our Basic Track for the 164+ hour CTP-1 Program to become eligible for legal protection in all 50 US States (complete with AFM) with the conglomeration of Level 4, 5, and 6, covering 90 hours of material. You cannot take any of these levels individually, only as a package.

Pre-Requisities SomaVeda Level 1 and 2 are required.

They will cover the following information:

Level 4: SomaVeda® Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice (Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine, Ayurveda Theory, Cosmology, Sen Lines, Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory, and Korosot Astrology, Continuation of EFT, and Pertinent Documentaries)
Level 5: Clinical Applications and Development: Specific programs for Clients based on Ayurvedic Assessments and Guidelines.  SCNM: SomaVeda® Level Five also includes the SomaVeda® Legal Guidelines and Practices for Ministers and Healing Professionals Course work.
Level 6: Adjunct Ayurvedic Therapies, Table and Chair Adaptations, and Practicum.

Level 4, 5, and 6 are taught together and there is no separate investment available.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. If you withdraw from the training for any reason, all funds paid will be retained, payments for Level 1 and 2 are honored to invest for Level 4/5/6. Ie, if you pay $1825 for Level 1+2 combined, subtract that from the full tuition investment.
If you are on an individualized payment plans, and decide to drop out of class, final payment will still be due one month after cancellation. Otherwise, payments for Level 4/5/6 are due in completion by 1 week before class to attend.

Taste of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga

Do you want to learn more about natural medicine from ancient Thailand? Are you a massage therapist that is looking for a better way to work and save your hands?

Please join Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT, CTT, CATP for a one hour demonstration during the weekend workshop. The demonstration that is open to the public starts at 7pm.

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy is part of a 900+ year old healing tradition from the Medical Hospitals in Thailand. Thai Yoga has been in existence for over 2,500 years. This is history of healing, preserving Native and Indigenous traditions. SomaVeda® is performed fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat (futon) or on a table. It can be done anywhere, anytime, on anybody.

Still to this day it is performed in hospitals as well as on the King of Thailand. It includes stretching, compression and working energy lines to open the body to relieve stress and tension and create an overall sense of joy and well-being for the receiver. Thai Yoga Medical Massage was developed by Dr. Shivago, the personal doctor to the Buddha.

Come learn more about this ancient and sophisticated healing art and some simple yet sophisticated moves that can help you and your loved ones feel great!

Dr. Maureen be sharing information regarding the practice, demonstrate some of the techniques that are integral to a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practice. There will also be some discussion as to how you can also become a legally protected SomaVeda® practitioner in all 50 US States. You may be selected as a demonstration model for the workshop, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Please bring some friends, and perhaps something to sit on, and let's have fun!

*** People in attendance will be offered a lower cost Introductory Session of SomaVeda, including an assessment and Ayurvedic Dietary Consult.

Dr. Anthony B. James presenting SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate March 30th, 2016

Dr. Anthony B. James presenting SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate March 30th, 2016