Guest Etiquette

As a first time client, please arrive at the time of your appointment early to fill out our intake form.  Most people will have received an email from me, so it is recommended that you have already filled out the paperwork in advance. For subsequent appointments we request you arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment (not early).

Communicating With Your Therapist

If there is anything you are not feeling quite in tune with, such as the music, room temperature, or lighting, please let us know. The pressure of the treatment as well as room temperature changes from client to client based on what is best to balance vikruti (dosha imbalance). It’s your choice if you’d like to talk during the treatment or remain quiet—whichever suits your mood! I will speak when spoken to, or when Spirit guides me to ask you a question. 

Please respect the following guidelines

-- We request 24 hours notice for change to or cancellation of an appointment. For appointments not canceled within 24 hours or no-shows there will be a charge of full price for the service scheduled. There will be no charge for appointments cancelled due to acts of God, (see cancellation policy) or if we must cancel due to emergency or illness, and therefore will be rescheduled in as timely a fashion possible.

-- Any misconduct by the client will result in immediate termination of service and full payment.

-- If you arrive late for your appointment we can only provide service for the remaining time scheduled. 

-- Please do not arrive sick to your appointment.  Would you want to give me your illness so that I would pass it on to others?

-- Please turn off all electronic communication devices, as this can be very distracting for your time to heal. 

-- Tipping guidelines: Price does not include gratuity. If you have enjoyed your services and educational offerings, an 18% to 25% tip is customary.